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Welcome to the pages dedicated to all modellers, who have fallen for the beauty of a controlled flight of giant scale model planes powered by gasoline internal combustion engines. 



A necessity for these models is also to use quality exhaust silencers, which I want to outline on these pages. Our firm started to develop and produce JMB silencers in 1998 in cooperation with ZDZ Valašské Meziříčí for its engines. Since that time we have managed to launch the production of a whole assortment of silencers for gasoline engines of all used sizes. All silencers are made of aluminium, which allows us to achieve good acoustic characteristics while keeping low weight. Leading European pilots, especially those flying acrobatic giant models, are involved in the development and testing. These models require top condition of the whole motor set, i.e. engine – silencer – propeller, that is achieved while minimizing the noise. The successes of sport pilots using the JMB silencers in international contests and the satisfaction of modellers flying for their enjoyment give us the proof that our efforts have contributed to continuous increasing of technical level and quality, and success of JMB silencers.

Milan Brecka-JMB

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