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Thanks to all the pilots, who use JMB silencers, for great promotion of our products at this year's EXFC 2017. I want to thank all the pilots and organizers for great experience as well.

1st place: Martin Brandmuller, GP 123+ JMB  TRC-60-L

4th place: Marek Plichta, GP 123+ JMB  TRC-60-L

6th place: Werner Kohlberger, ZDZ 180 + JMB TRB-80

8th place: Junichi Inoue, ZDZ 180 + JMB TRB-80

10th place: Alessandro Bocci, ZDZ 180 + JMB TRB-80

12th place: Matthias Smidt, ZDZ 180 + JMB TRC-70-L

13th place: Tomáč Kukačka, ZDZ 180 + JMB TRA-70-L

17th place: Dominik Rudies, ZDZ 180 + JMB TRC-70-L

18th place: Wolfgang Krahofer, ZDZ 180 + JMB TRC-70-L

19th place: Jožko Lukáč, GP 123 + JMB TRA-60-L

Thank you, great work !!!


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